Fans remembering the Old Stretford End

A few loyal United fans share their memories about the Old Stretford End at Old Trafford, and what went wrong.

"Yes I remember the 70s at OT, Docs red army. We used to have a fantastic time in the stretford end and sometimes the scoreboard end in the absence of any visiting fans, singing to each other. I went to every Saturday game home and away. I would never think about going now it's far to sterile. I also remember Jimmy Hill saying we will have no fans in the 2nd div and over 60,000 turned up to the first game against Sunderland. Oh they were the days."

"I hope one day the powers at Old Trafford realise that unless they create some standing terrace in the Stretford and East stand we will never create the atmosphere at home games that the club really deserves. The fans deserve it."

"You can be outside nowadays and not hear a thing; I grew up in Whalley Range and on big games you could hear the crowd at our house (and from Maine Rd. - this isn't just a Utd problem). The atmosphere grew from 1pm on SATURDAYS!! Now it's all manufactured - screaming tannoys, too many women, too many foreigners (love Utd being globally popular but THEY don't add to the atmosphere), too high an ave age, too expensive and ALL SEATED! I followed MUFC not MU plc."

"I was a wee Stretford Ender back in the late 70's and all that magic at OT has now gone forever, you start shouting a song out now and so called utd fans look at you as tho you are fookin stupid. Corparate shite and marketing has totaly f**ked our vibe for the club at OT its only European games when ya do get to hear that magic roar....its very sad indeed!!"

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