The Scoreboard End

Old Scoreboard End
The Scoreboard End faces the Stretford End, and is the East Stand at Old Trafford. It was home to the diehard K-Stand United fans (many whom relocated to the Stretford End after changes were made to the ground). It also housed the 'away' fans enclosure in the South-East corner of the ground. It was formerly known as the Scoreboard End, because of the large scoreboard that resided until the late 1960s. In the 1970s an electronic scoreboard was installed.

Stretford Enders Song by Burke and Jerk 1977

This catchy song was written in 1977 for the Stretford Enders to sing.

This is the chorus:
Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!
Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!

and some great lyrics:
"Sitting on the same coach where I sat was 5 supporters from the other team,
they said our lads couldn't play for peanuts and Lou Macari was a fairy queen.
I said do you wan' it, you can have it if you wan' it, nobody calls our Lou a clown.
By the time we reached our destination, the others was 5 supporters down"

"next day in court the judge said, 'son these laws weren't made to scoff',
I didn't mind you running on the pitch but you shouldn't have took your clothes off - 6 months!"

Old Trafford 100 Years: February 19, 1910 - February 19, 2010

Old Trafford, the stadium of Manchester United was 100 years old on February 19th 2010. On Saturday February 19th 1910, a crowd of 80,000 watched the first ever game at the famous ground, as Man United lost to Liverpool 4-3. A journalist at the game reported this 'The stadium is the most handsomest, the most spacious and the most remarkable arena I have ever seen. As a football ground it is unrivalled in the world, it is an honour to Manchester and the home of a team who can do wonders when they are so disposed'.

In the past 100 years Old Trafford has hosted World Cup and European Championship matches, FA Cup Finals and a Champions League Final and has witnessed countless Manchester United wins, draws and defeats. The ground was given the nickname the Theatre of Dreams by United legend Bobby Charlton, and has been Manchester United's permanent home since 1910.

Pictures Of The Old Stretford End

An empty Stretford End
The world famous Stretford End in 1990.

Wonderfuel Gas Banner
The famous blue 'Wonderfuel Gas' banner which covered the top of the Stetford End for many years.

Stretford Paddock View
In the corner of the Stretford End was the Old Stretford Paddock terrace, offering room for thousands of standing United fans. Notice the beautiful old red fences all around the ground. Old Trafford became the first stadium to erect perimeter fencing in the late 1970's to combat crowd disturbances.

Stretford End Fans
Loyal Stretford End fans at Wembley with their flags and banners. (Manchester United's Jubilee FA Cup victory 1977).

Manchester United team playing in front of the Stretford End
Manchester United 1970's team playing in front of the Old Stretford End. Fans would hang their flags and banners over the Stetford End Tunnel.

Stretford End
A view of the Stretford End from the player's home and away team seats.

Outside the Stretford End
The Old Stretford End and Old Stretford Paddock from the outside.

Police watch over the Stretford End
Policemen watching over the famous stand. There were no big red fences before 1976, and fans regularly invaded the pitch to celebrate a United win.

A packed Stretford End
Standing in a packed Stretford End. All together as one! (If you look carefully you will notice the 3000 extra seats at the very top of the Stretford End that were installed for the 1966 World Cup.)

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About the Stretford End at Old Trafford

My passion is the Stretford End at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. I love to collect pictures and information about the most famous football terrace in the world.

The Stretford End is a stand on the west side of Old Trafford. It took its name from the nearby town of Stretford, as it is in the direction of Stretford, looking from the centre of the pitch

The Stretford End was the main standing area of Old Trafford, accommodating around 20,000 fans. It was once measured that the roar of the crowd from the Stretford End was louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off. The last game played in front of the famous old terrace was a 3–1 win over Spurs on 2 May 1992 – the final game of the 1991–92 First Division campaign.

Only Denis Law and Eric Cantona have reached the status 'King of the Stretford End' among the United faithful. The former for his formidable goal record, and now Denis Law has his own statue on the Stretford End, the latter for his on-pitch charisma and aura.

Old Trafford: 100 Years at the Home of Manchester United: The Official Story