Manchester United - A short history of the Stretford End

Manchester United Fan Video - A short history of the Stretford End
The Stretford End, once the spiritual home of Manchester United supporters everywhere, is now part of the Glazers' corporate strategy for the global domination of the brand. They need to find $100 million a year just to pay the interest charges on the loans they took out to buy the club. How they are they are going to pay off the debt itself remains a mystery.

This is what one Manchester United fan said:
"Yes I remember the 70's at Old Trafford, 'Docs Red Army'. We used to have a fantastic time in the Stretford End and sometimes the Scoreboard End in the absence of any visiting fans. We would all sing to each other across the pitch. I went to every saturday - game home and away. I would never think about going now, it's far to sterile. I also remember Jimmy Hill saying we will have no fans in the 2nd division and over 60,000 turned up to the first game against Sunderland. Oh they were the days!"


  1. Manchester United forever.

  2. I followed utd home and away from the mid 70s onwards, my sons follow them now. They think the atmosphere is ok if only they knew, we used to take 20,000 to away games. We out numbered the home support, no one could touch us. I loved every minute of it, Liverpool away, Leeds away and my favourite away fixture West Ham. I remember Swansea not knowing what him them when 15,000 utd turned up to the vetch field, the copper said to us where the Flip have you all come from. Those days have gone now, replaced by corporate teams who have no passion for our great club.
    For me its over but did i enjoy my time inn the 70s and 80s I sure did and I wish my lads could experience West Ham away once in there lives.