The Green & Gold campaign

The Green & Gold campaign symbolises Manchester United supporters desire to rid the club of the Glazer family. Instead of the traditional red, fans can don the colours of Newton Heath, from whom United was formed. Under the umbrella of the Manchester United Supporters and Independent Manchester United Supporters Association, Green & Gold is a clear statement to the Glazer family, we don't want you, or your £700 million debt that threatens the very existence of our club.

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Stretford End Sympathy?

Above view of Old Trafford in 1984
This picture shows how Old Trafford looked like from above in 1984. Still not completely covered, the old Stretford End stands alone in the left of the image (west). The west side of the ground for many fans, will always be the legendary Stretford End. Crammed behind the goal was a heaving mass of almost 20,000 standing United fans who were amongst the loudest in Britain.

As Alex Ferguson prepares to pass Sir Matt Busby as the club's longest-serving manager, many people do not remember that he has survived chants of "Fergie out" from the Stretford End, taken himself to the brink of retirement and been re-energised by the youth within his squad, yet even Ferguson admits his looming milestone is not one he expected to pass.

'I could never have imagined that I would surpass Sir Matt's longevity. When I came here, my main thought was to win the league and that was my driving force. I couldn't visualise that I would end up with 24 years behind me, going into my 25th year. When I came to United, I had Sir Matt at the club and Bobby Charlton also. They were a comforting part for me. I knew they could understand what I was looking to achieve.'

However, the Stretford End congregation still has little sympathy for their prodigal son Wayne Rooney.

Stretford End Protest

Witness to the growth in the green and gold anti-Glazer protest scarves in and around Old Trafford, as Manchester United fans turn against the red and white with an old-fashioned green and gold protest against the American Glazer family. The Stretford End sing anti-Glazer protest songs and unfurl banners at Old Trafford.

This video was filmed by a United fan in the Stretford End.

Fans remembering the Old Stretford End

A few loyal United fans share their memories about the Old Stretford End at Old Trafford, and what went wrong.

"Yes I remember the 70s at OT, Docs red army. We used to have a fantastic time in the stretford end and sometimes the scoreboard end in the absence of any visiting fans, singing to each other. I went to every Saturday game home and away. I would never think about going now it's far to sterile. I also remember Jimmy Hill saying we will have no fans in the 2nd div and over 60,000 turned up to the first game against Sunderland. Oh they were the days."

"I hope one day the powers at Old Trafford realise that unless they create some standing terrace in the Stretford and East stand we will never create the atmosphere at home games that the club really deserves. The fans deserve it."

"You can be outside nowadays and not hear a thing; I grew up in Whalley Range and on big games you could hear the crowd at our house (and from Maine Rd. - this isn't just a Utd problem). The atmosphere grew from 1pm on SATURDAYS!! Now it's all manufactured - screaming tannoys, too many women, too many foreigners (love Utd being globally popular but THEY don't add to the atmosphere), too high an ave age, too expensive and ALL SEATED! I followed MUFC not MU plc."

"I was a wee Stretford Ender back in the late 70's and all that magic at OT has now gone forever, you start shouting a song out now and so called utd fans look at you as tho you are fookin stupid. Corparate shite and marketing has totaly f**ked our vibe for the club at OT its only European games when ya do get to hear that magic roar....its very sad indeed!!"

Manchester United Stretford End Jigsaw

Check out all the great Manchester United Jigsaws

Why not rebuild the famous old Stretford End at Old Trafford and relive those wonderful memories everyday. This unique 300 piece Old Stretford End Jigsaw Puzzle, makes the stunning picture shown below, which was taken in 1988, prior to the introduction of the all-seater stadium.

Manchester United Stretford End 1988

Those Were The Days - Singing on the Old Stretford End

What a beautiful picture this is. Taken on the 26th April 1980, it shows thousands of Manchester United fans on the Stretford End at Old Trafford with their flags proudly held high during United's home game against Coventry City.

Manchester United - A short history of the Stretford End

Manchester United Fan Video - A short history of the Stretford End
The Stretford End, once the spiritual home of Manchester United supporters everywhere, is now part of the Glazers' corporate strategy for the global domination of the brand. They need to find $100 million a year just to pay the interest charges on the loans they took out to buy the club. How they are they are going to pay off the debt itself remains a mystery.

This is what one Manchester United fan said:
"Yes I remember the 70's at Old Trafford, 'Docs Red Army'. We used to have a fantastic time in the Stretford End and sometimes the Scoreboard End in the absence of any visiting fans. We would all sing to each other across the pitch. I went to every saturday - game home and away. I would never think about going now, it's far to sterile. I also remember Jimmy Hill saying we will have no fans in the 2nd division and over 60,000 turned up to the first game against Sunderland. Oh they were the days!"

Wayne Rooney - Stretford End King?

Will Wayne Rooney become a Stretford End King? Only Denis Law and Eric Cantona hold that special title, chosen by the United faithful.

Wayne Rooney is perhaps the best example of an English player who has been outstanding for his club and disappointing for his country. In the 2009-10 season at Manchester United, Rooney scored 34 goals in 44 appearances and was chosen as both the Players Player of the Year and the Football Writers Association Player of the Year. No other England player is as renowned internationally. But in South Africa 2010 he barely made any impression, and has now played eight games in a row in an England shirt without scoring a goal. In his excellent book, Rooney's Gold , John Sweeney documents all the major events, on and off the pitch, from Rooney's short life so far: his humble origins in the Liverpool suburb of Croxteth, otherwise famous for its gang violence, where his father, Big Wayne, an ex-boxer, earned £120 a week as a labourer and little Wayne dreamt of playing for Everton; the goal he scored for Everton against Arsenal five days before his 17th birthday; the £25 million transfer to Manchester United when he was 18; the alliances with prostitutes, including, allegedly, though it was never proven, a grandmother; the red card for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho's testicles during England's defeat to Portugal in the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals; the multimillion-pound wedding in Italy to childhood sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin, with the pictures in OK!; the twisted ankle in the Champions League quarter final against Bayern Munich this year, which may or may not have had something to do with his lacklustre World Cup performance. Plus, much more juicy gossip about England's most famous footballer.

Who is the Stretford End King!
Wayne Rooney, Denis Law, or Eric Cantona?

Old Trafford Floodlights

How things have changed! This picture shows the front of Old Trafford as it looked in 1984. You can clearly see three of the original floodlights, that were used for evening matches.

Impressive New Stretford End...??

New Stretford End
Thousands of glorious red seats spell out the words 'STRETFORD END', and make for a spectacular sight at Old Trafford. The Red Devils will always live on, but what has happened to the passion that was the Old Stretford End? Where is that roar that welcomed the teams onto the pitch, and celebrated every United goal, where is the dancing and cheering, where are the mass of red, white, and black scarves swaying in the Manchester rain?

Famous Stretford End Songs

He is a nice little selection of famous old Stretford End songs. So, sit back and sing your heart out. (Sorry for any bad language!)

Bertie Mee said to Matt Busby
Bertie Mee said to Matt Busby,
"Have you heard of the North Bank, Highbury?",
"No" said Matt, "You cockney twat",
"But I've heard of the Stretford Enders!"

Stretford Enders

Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!
Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!

Best Behaved Supporters
We're the best behaved supporters in the land,
We're the best behaved supporters in the land,
We're the best behaved supporters, best behaved supporters,
Best behaved supporters in the land (when we win!)

We're a right bunch of bastards when we lose,
We're a right bunch of bastards when we lose,
We're a right bunch of bastards, right bunch of bastards,
Right bunch of bastards when we lose.

Those Were The Days

Those were the days my friend,
We thought they would never end,
We'd sing and dance,
Forever and a day.

We'll live the life we chose,
We'll fight and never lose
'Cos were the Stret,
We are the Stretford End.

We are the Stretford End,
We are the Stretford End,
We are the Stret,
We are the Stretford End....

Manchester United Anti Glazer Song

The Stretford Ender's have released their own special Anti Glazer song. The record is called Green and Gold after the scarves that have become an emblem of the protest against the club's American owners.

What do you think of it? Will it catch on in the Stretford End?

Stretford End Fans New Row over Glazer Protests

Trouble in the Stretford End
Police and stewards in the aisles in the Stretford End

A safety row has erupted at Manchester United over claims that the club ordered stewards to block Old Trafford exit aisles to stop anti-Glazer protests. Rebel supporters in the Stretford End have been unveiling banners in the final minutes of matches as they protest against the club's American owners. In response, stewards and police blocked exit aisles before the end of Saturday's game. Reds fans complained that the move puts them at risk and a complaint has been made to Trafford council, which issues the ground's safety licence. A spokesman for fans' group IMUSA said the club was 'playing a dangerous game' and breaching safety regulations. But the club insisted that the action protects fans safety and has the backing of the police.

Welcome to Manchester

Stretford End Banner

A warm welcome from the Stretford Ender's. The new Manchester United banner is proudly waved by the faithful fans of the Stretford End. 'Welcome To Manchester' - winners of 18 Championships, 3 European Cups, 11 FA Cups.

Love United Hate Glazer says the Stretford end

Green and Gold Stretford End Flags

LUHG - Support Green and Gold

Love United Hate Glazers' say Manchester United fans! Green & Gold until we're sold... True United fans want their club back!! Anti-Glazer protests at Manchester United are not just the domain of the angry youth but involve ordinary fans who fear for their club. The Glazers have riddled Manchester United with growing debt, and the future of this great club is under threat.

Man Utd Anti-Glazer products are available at Get back to the original Manchester United and wear your green and gold 'Newton Heath' scarves and shirts with pride!

David Beckham supports United Fans
Green and Gold 'Newton Heath' Bar Scarf - David Beckham supports United Fans by wearing a Newton Heath scarf.

An emotional night for David Beckham's return to Old Trafford with AC Milan, with the crowd greeting their old hero with a standing ovation. The anti-Glazer campaign rose to new levels on the night and Beckham responded to this by walking off the pitch wearing the green and gold of the LUHG campaign. All of this video was seen and filmed by a United fan in the north stand.

LUHG Stretford End Banner
The Stretford End in protest against the 'Glazers'

Here is a little selection of Ant-Glazer products. Please show your support for your club. Manchester United must belong to its fans.

Old United Road (North Stand)

Old Trafford - United Road

This is a great picture of the old 'United Road' or North Stand as seen in the 1970s. Over 10,000 fans could pack into the lower standing terraces, with the famous 'K' stand to their left, high in the corner of the old Scoreboard End.

1988 - The Famous Stretford End

1988 picture of the Stretford End
Manchester United's home ground is the most famous and impressive football stadium in the world. It is full of history. Looking from 'United Road' this is a wonderful picture of the famous Stretford End. You can clearly see the extra 3000 red seats that were added to the back of the Stretford End, allowing some lucky Stretford Enders to watch Manchester United in greater comfort.

End Of The Old Stretford End

Old Trafford in 1984
This is how Old Trafford looked from above in 1984. Note the stadium is completely covered on three sides, with the old Stretford End standing proudly alone on the right. Fans could walk freely all around the outside of the ground. The old Manchester United railway station can be seen at the top of the picture.

Stretford End Final Game 1992
In March 1992, the final game at Old Trafford for Manchester United infront of the famous old Stretford End. After this picture was taken, the stand was demolished to make way for the new all-seater Stretford End. The dream was over for many Manchester United fans. The end of an era!

The Scoreboard End

Old Scoreboard End
The Scoreboard End faces the Stretford End, and is the East Stand at Old Trafford. It was home to the diehard K-Stand United fans (many whom relocated to the Stretford End after changes were made to the ground). It also housed the 'away' fans enclosure in the South-East corner of the ground. It was formerly known as the Scoreboard End, because of the large scoreboard that resided until the late 1960s. In the 1970s an electronic scoreboard was installed.

Stretford Enders Song by Burke and Jerk 1977

This catchy song was written in 1977 for the Stretford Enders to sing.

This is the chorus:
Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!
Stretford Enders, we are, we are... zigga zagga zigga zagga oi oi oi..!!

and some great lyrics:
"Sitting on the same coach where I sat was 5 supporters from the other team,
they said our lads couldn't play for peanuts and Lou Macari was a fairy queen.
I said do you wan' it, you can have it if you wan' it, nobody calls our Lou a clown.
By the time we reached our destination, the others was 5 supporters down"

"next day in court the judge said, 'son these laws weren't made to scoff',
I didn't mind you running on the pitch but you shouldn't have took your clothes off - 6 months!"

Old Trafford 100 Years: February 19, 1910 - February 19, 2010

Old Trafford, the stadium of Manchester United was 100 years old on February 19th 2010. On Saturday February 19th 1910, a crowd of 80,000 watched the first ever game at the famous ground, as Man United lost to Liverpool 4-3. A journalist at the game reported this 'The stadium is the most handsomest, the most spacious and the most remarkable arena I have ever seen. As a football ground it is unrivalled in the world, it is an honour to Manchester and the home of a team who can do wonders when they are so disposed'.

In the past 100 years Old Trafford has hosted World Cup and European Championship matches, FA Cup Finals and a Champions League Final and has witnessed countless Manchester United wins, draws and defeats. The ground was given the nickname the Theatre of Dreams by United legend Bobby Charlton, and has been Manchester United's permanent home since 1910.

Pictures Of The Old Stretford End

An empty Stretford End
The world famous Stretford End in 1990.

Wonderfuel Gas Banner
The famous blue 'Wonderfuel Gas' banner which covered the top of the Stetford End for many years.

Stretford Paddock View
In the corner of the Stretford End was the Old Stretford Paddock terrace, offering room for thousands of standing United fans. Notice the beautiful old red fences all around the ground. Old Trafford became the first stadium to erect perimeter fencing in the late 1970's to combat crowd disturbances.

Stretford End Fans
Loyal Stretford End fans at Wembley with their flags and banners. (Manchester United's Jubilee FA Cup victory 1977).

Manchester United team playing in front of the Stretford End
Manchester United 1970's team playing in front of the Old Stretford End. Fans would hang their flags and banners over the Stetford End Tunnel.

Stretford End
A view of the Stretford End from the player's home and away team seats.

Outside the Stretford End
The Old Stretford End and Old Stretford Paddock from the outside.

Police watch over the Stretford End
Policemen watching over the famous stand. There were no big red fences before 1976, and fans regularly invaded the pitch to celebrate a United win.

A packed Stretford End
Standing in a packed Stretford End. All together as one! (If you look carefully you will notice the 3000 extra seats at the very top of the Stretford End that were installed for the 1966 World Cup.)

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About the Stretford End at Old Trafford

My passion is the Stretford End at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. I love to collect pictures and information about the most famous football terrace in the world.

The Stretford End is a stand on the west side of Old Trafford. It took its name from the nearby town of Stretford, as it is in the direction of Stretford, looking from the centre of the pitch

The Stretford End was the main standing area of Old Trafford, accommodating around 20,000 fans. It was once measured that the roar of the crowd from the Stretford End was louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off. The last game played in front of the famous old terrace was a 3–1 win over Spurs on 2 May 1992 – the final game of the 1991–92 First Division campaign.

Only Denis Law and Eric Cantona have reached the status 'King of the Stretford End' among the United faithful. The former for his formidable goal record, and now Denis Law has his own statue on the Stretford End, the latter for his on-pitch charisma and aura.

Old Trafford: 100 Years at the Home of Manchester United: The Official Story