About the Stretford End at Old Trafford

My passion is the Stretford End at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. I love to collect pictures and information about the most famous football terrace in the world.

The Stretford End is a stand on the west side of Old Trafford. It took its name from the nearby town of Stretford, as it is in the direction of Stretford, looking from the centre of the pitch

The Stretford End was the main standing area of Old Trafford, accommodating around 20,000 fans. It was once measured that the roar of the crowd from the Stretford End was louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off. The last game played in front of the famous old terrace was a 3–1 win over Spurs on 2 May 1992 – the final game of the 1991–92 First Division campaign.

Only Denis Law and Eric Cantona have reached the status 'King of the Stretford End' among the United faithful. The former for his formidable goal record, and now Denis Law has his own statue on the Stretford End, the latter for his on-pitch charisma and aura.

Old Trafford: 100 Years at the Home of Manchester United: The Official Story


  1. Not strictly true...after one night match at OT Brian Kidd was crowned by a Stretford Ender running onto the pitch and planting a crown on his head, and the daily mirror the next morning stated: the king is dead long live the king.
    Although I cant remember the exact date, I do remember it happening, cos I was there, if someones got the photo, please post it up.
    ...Crazy Horse, Salford red since 63.